• Sleepability Workshops

    Fall asleep or fall behind

    The biggest companies in the world help their employees to sleep better (Nasa, Google, Glaxo Smith Klein, PWC) because they know that a well-rested employee is more productive, creative, resilient, loyal and ultimately, more valuable.

    Sleepability workshops improve employees' sleep

    Sleepability workshops open up the fascinating world of sleep through the latest science and help people make positive decisions to improve their own sleep patterns by sharing our experience of working with hundreds of sleep coaching clients.

    Facilitators, Dot Zacharias (english) and Chiara Moncada (French) are experienced animators and experts in sleep, prevention of psychosocial risks at work and Nidra - a guided sleep meditation.

    Team Nap during the workshop!

    Our workshops include a 20 minute guided power nap using Yoga Nidra, a sleep meditation practice. Most people will fall asleep during this practice and those who don't will still receive huge benefits of relaxation and regeneration,


    How many people can attend a workshop?

    • Sleepability workshops are best suited for up to 20 people

    How long do workshops last?

    • Workshops typically last 1.5 hours but can be flexible to your needs
    Do people sleep in the workshop?
    • We offer a guided power nap providing there is enough space available
    What do you provide and what do we need to provide?
    • You need to provide a meeting room large enough for people to lie down on the floor, a projector and a white board or paper flip chart. Materials for napping are provided by Sleepability - mats, blankets, eye cover
    What language is the workshop in?
    • French or English
    What is Yoga Nidra?
    • Yoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation practice. It is practiced lying down with a voice guiding you through a series of relaxation exercises. 
    How much does a workshop cost?
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