• sleep hygiene workshop for up to 20 people in Brussels

    Busy employees need to manage their sleep and energy to stay competitive. Research has shown that people who sleep more, earn more.

  • Looking after your talent

    In today's world, employee performance and well-being is everything. Companies need to stay competitive by attracting and retaining the best talent. Sleep is fundamental to employee well-being and performance as well as prevention of stress and long-term health problems.


    Employees that are sleep deprived are not only less productive and less accurate in their work, they are also more deviant, dishonest, withdrawn, negative and aggressive towards others. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated a causal link between tiredness and poor performance at work, including earning potential


    A recent report by Rand Europe, lead by Marco Hafner, estimated that the economic cost of sleep deprivation in developed countries is 2% of GDP. In Belgium, 82% of people sleep less than the recommended 7.5 hours per night, and 37% sleep less than 5 hours per night

    "Sleep training was a great way to engage the team in something that's relevant every day. Sleep theory, presented with deep knowledge, and a practical exercise in sleep improvement. The team dynamics improved as a result and I've invited Sleepability back again!"

    Oliver Benoist, Partner, Lighthouse Europe


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