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Boost your energy, health & perfor-mance through better sleep

Boost your energy, health & performance through better sleep

Improve your sleep with the Sleepability Challenge

Starting with a workshop on Nov 20th @6pm @Startit Brussels

Improve your sleep with the Sleepability Challenge

Starting with a workshop on Nov 20th @6pm @Startit Brussels

FREE exclusively for Startit members

(worth about €250 per person)

Only 10 spots available!!!


How well you sleep impacts your health, wellbeing and performance and yet it is often overlooked. We tend to prioritise sports and nutrition, when consistently sleeping well could make a much bigger impact on your life, allowing you to live longer and helping you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

« You snooze you loose » people used to say, but most entrepreneurs now know that sleep gives you a creative and productive advantage that far outweighs the time « lost » to sleep. As part of Startit’s new well-being programme, we are offering you the opportunity to take part in the Sleepability Challenge, in November 2019!

What will you receive?

  1. The Challenge kicks off with a 2-hour workshop on 20th of November at Startit Brussels at 6pm
  2. You will get access to a 37-day online programme, where you will learn how to master your sleep. You will receive guidance, tips and tools, to make small but powerful improvements to your daily routine and mindset that will improve your sleep.
  3. You will also be able to book a one-to-one sleep coaching session at Startit Brussels (or online) where you will receive personalised advice and support!

If you have sleeping problems or would simply like to learn how to improve your sleep, sign up now!

How to register?

 Sign up hereunder. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Dot or Vanessa at info@sleepability.be 

Don’t miss this opportunity – We look forward to see you there!


Dot & Vanessa


Please note that if you register but don’t show up, Startit will charge you a no-show fee of 75€. 

Master your sleep with the Sleepability Challenge

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