• Sleep Heat Map

    Find out what's stopping you from sleeping with our self-diagnostic tool.

  • About the Sleep Heat Map

    There are so many things that might be stopping you from sleeping well. Understanding what's preventing you from sleeping is the most important step towards improving your sleep.


    Today, we are so overwhelmed with sleep advice and we often try too many things to improve your sleep, leading to anxiety over our ability to sleep or the conclusion that ‘nothing works for me’. It’s almost always the case that there is just one or two things that would make all the difference and that’s the role of the sleep coach - to find out what the key to your sleep really is.


    With my sleep coaching clients I ask many questions about areas that might not seem immediately related to your sleep. The thing is, that everything in your life can impact your sleep in the same way that your sleep impacts your entire life.


    I’ve created the Sleep Heat Map to help you understand what areas you need to work on first to help you sleep better.


    How do we use the Sleep Heat Map?

    These are all things that we would talk about in a sleep coaching session. There are some areas that are useful for a sleep coach to know, but not something we would work on directly - for example mental and physical health. We just need to know because these are important areas that may be impacting your sleep and that are harder to change immediately. That doesn't mean that we can't work on other areas that are easier to change and that will still improve your sleep, and may also improve symptoms in other areas!

  • Try It for yourself!

    1. Print your Sleep Heat Map so you have it in front of you whilst you do the exercise. 
    2. Spend some time thinking about this area of your life and how it might be affecting your sleep, using the prompts below. 
    3. Write a score out of 10 in each box - 10 meaning 'no problem here' and 1 meaning 'I really need to work on this'.
    4. Make some notes about what you think you need to work on in each box.
    5. You can come back to your Sleep Heat Map when you need to, to check how much progress you are making on certain areas and where you need to work on next.


    1. Do you have a bedroom that is cool, dark and quiet?

    2. Do you have a comfortable bed and mattress?

    3. Do you consider your home to be a calm and relaxing place?


    1. Do you have a supportive family, friends and colleagues?

    2. Are your relationships free from conflict?

    3. Do you share your bed with someone stop you from getting the sleep that you need?


    1. Is your daily commute less than 45 minutes one way?

    2. Do you have time to take sufficient breaks at work?

    3. Do you work regular, reasonable hours?

    Caring for others

    1. Do you have young children, elderly relations, pets or other responsibilities that might need help at night?


    1. Do you like sleeping?

    2. How positive are you about your sleep?

    3. How positive are you about your life?


    1. Are you someone who gets stressed easily?

    2. Do you have ways to manage your stress?

    3. Do you currently have a lot of stress in your life?


    1. Do you consider yourself to be a good sleeper?

    2. What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself that might be holding you back?

    Mental health

    1. Have you ever experienced anxiety or depression?

    2. Are you currently taking any medication for mental health?

    Hydration & Breath

    1. Have you noticed shortness of breath during the day or night?

    2. Do you drink water throughout the day and not too much close to bedtime?


    1. Do you have an active lifestyle?

    2. Do you do enough exercise?

    3. Do you avoid exercise late in the evening?


    1. Do you have a balanced diet?

    2. Do you avoid excess caffeine and sugar?

    3. Do you eat throughout the day and not too late in the evening?

    Physical health

    1. Do you have any physical illnesses that might be interfering with your sleep quality?

    2. Do you have pain anywhere when you sleep?

    3. Are you taking medication?

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