• Sleep Heat Map

    What's stopping you from sleeping?

    What is the Sleep Heat Map?

    Sleepability has designed the Sleep Heat Map as a self diagnostic tool to help you identify why you are not sleeping and how to sleep better. 1 in 2 people are not happy with their sleep and very few people do anything about it. We are overwhelmed by the amount of advice out there and so we end up trying a few things, achieving nothing and concluding that "I'm just a bad sleeper". Not true! Anyone can improve their sleep in just a few simple, consistent, changes to their life.

    Why is it helpful to me?

    We have created a simple tool that helps you find out where you need to be focusing to improve your sleep. There are so many things that might be stopping you from sleeping.... but chances are there is just one thing (maybe two) that you need to tackle today to see significant improvement to your sleep. From my experience as an Integrative Sleep Coach I made a list of all the things that stop people from sleeping. I then organised them by mental, environmental and physical factors and easier and harder to change.

    How to do it?

    You can see below that we have provided a template for you to complete and questions to ask yourself in order to complete it. In each box you will give yourself a score from 0 to 10. Where 10 is "no problem here" and 0 is "I really need to work on this". There is also a space for you to make some notes and remember why you scored yourself a certain way. Once you have completed it, look back and see where your biggest areas to work on are. Choose just one for now. You can revisit your Sleep Heat Map and repeat the exercise as often as you like.

  • Sleep self-diagnostic tool

    Your very own Sleep Heat Map

    Answer these questions to help you complete your sleep heat map (see the template below). Spend some time reflecting on these areas of your life. Be honest with yourself and be kind. It's important to take a step back and not judge yourself unfairly.

    Use this template to complete your sleep heat map and find out what is stopping you from sleeping. You can keep the Sleep Heat Map and review it later to see if you have made progress on any areas and to refocus your efforts.

  • Take your sleep further

    The Sleep Heat Map is part of the Sleepability Challenge, a 30-day online course that gives you information, tools and motivation to improve your sleep in just one month.


    Designed by sleep experts.


    100% of people doing the challenge have improved their sleep.

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