• After 10 years of working for corporate companies, I qualified as an Integrative Adult Sleep Coach.


    I discovered a deep interest in the importance of finding harmony and balance in our busy modern lives - looking after ourselves without sacrificing fun and productivity! I found that sleep is a great way to maximise the time we have and feel energised without taking anything away.


    I enjoy seeing my clients discover new things about themselves through their sleep, to support them on the journey to making positive changes in their lives.


    I'd be happy to talk to you to find out if my sleep coaching could help you.

  • Sleep coaching

    Take the stress out of sleeping

    Sleeping can seem so hard.


    You lie awake at night, unable to fall asleep. Your mind is racing or maybe, you simply don’t feel tired. In the morning you wake up frustrated and glance in the mirror at the bags under your eyes.


    You hope that the next night will be better, but do you really believe that it will be?


    Yes, you find it hard to sleep but that doesn’t mean you are a bad sleeper.


    Many people I meet have given up on the hope of good sleep, feeling that they are just one of those people who sleep badly. That is absolutely not the case. Sleep is easy when you know how.


    People tell me that what they want is:

    • A deep sleep

    • A full night’s sleep

    • To wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and full of energy

    After just a few weeks, my clients experience a deep, restorative uninterrupted sleep when they follow their personalised sleep plan. After a few more weeks, their habits have completely changed, giving them a lifetime of good sleep.


    Discover the secret of great sleep and wake up to your best self every day with support and motivation from a sleep coach.

    • Understand why you are having problems sleeping

    • Discuss your sleep in depth (often for the first time)

    • Talk about lifestyle factors that are impacting your sleep

    • Discover an alternative to energy governed by coffee, sugar, medication and adrenaline

    • Feel supported by a qualified sleep coach

    • Build up healthy habits and attitudes towards sleep

    • Feel naturally healthy and full of energy

    You will experience better sleep in just a few weeks and by the end of the programme, you will be able to sleep well for the rest of your life.


    I will introduce you to a wide range of proven tools and techniques, tailored exactly to what you need, whether it is overcoming pain, anxiety, stress, poor habits or a fear of sleep.


  • About sleep coaching

    What can you expect from sleep coaching?

    Active listening

    Talk about sleep like never before

    During these sessions I will help you explore your sleep in a way that you have never experienced before. Together we will get to the bottom of your sleep problems and help you understand how your experience of sleep influences your sleep today. I will ask you a lot of questions in the first session, so that we reach a full understanding of your situation and the factors are impacting your sleep.

    Personalised action plan

    We will make this happen

    Together, we will build a personalised sleep plan that suits your life and by the end of each session we will agree on some actions for you to implement before our next meeting. For example, we might identify one or two key habits that you need to change to improve your sleep. I will advise you on how to change habits and make new habits stick, based on your own lifestyle and personality. I often work with clients to create a personalised evening routine, which prepares you for sleep effectively.

    Commitment and accountability

    You are not alone

    Coaching is so effective when it comes to sleep because of the need for consistent change over at least one month to see any difference. When you commit to working with a sleep coach, you are also committing to yourself. In each session we review your intention (why you are here), your sleep in recent days, the actions you have taken, the progress you have made and your next steps. We celebrate together and find new solutions when something is working, until we get results.

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