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  • How to practice yoga nidra

    The beauty of yoga nidra is that there is no way to do it wrong. Whatever your experience, you will be reconnecting with your natural ability to fall and stay asleep.


    Afternoon nap: Nidra can be practiced any time of day or night, but we recommend listening to the natural dip in energy after lunch and allowing yourself to take a rest at this time.


    Lie down: Find a place to lie down where you won't be disturbed and make yourself as comfortable as possible. If you cannot lie on your back for any reason, find another position that you can be still in for the duration of the practice.


    Additional supports: A small pillow under the head of knees can provide comfort and release tension. An eye pillow, or something light over the eyes, can be used to block out light and contribute to relaxation. A blanket can also be very useful and we recommend it as your body temperature will drop during the practice.


    Do not disturb: put your phone on silent or flight mode, make sure you don't need the bathroom and have a glass of water if you feel thirsty.


    Regularity: We would recommend practicing nidra 3 times a week to see real benefits, but don't feel pressured to do so! Nidra can be a great tool for those days when you feel especially low in energy or you're struggling to sleep.



  • Your Nidra Nap Guides

    Sleepability partners with the best yoga nidra teachers from around the world

    Philippe Beer Gabel

    Flow into deep rest

    J’ai à coeur de promouvoir le Yin Yoga et le Yoga Nidra, deux pratiques rares et précieuses. Mon intention est d’inviter les élèves à rentrer dans un univers, un moment, une parenthèse où ils peuvent se relâcher et laisser émerger émotions et idées. Un des vecteurs de cette détente est l’utilisation de musique et d’un flow parlé/chanté qui caractérise mon enseignement.


    Dot Zacharias

    Reconnect with sleep

    I use nidra with my sleep coaching clients to help them reconnect with their natural ability to fall and stay asleep. I found that nidra accelerates the journey towards a more balanced life where sleep becomes a source of nourishment and energy. 

    Liz Sutcliffe

    Rest for energy

    As a yoga teacher, I encourage my clients to practice yoga on and off the mat. Yoga is not just about movement and positions, it's a way of life. Nidra is a moment for ourselves and I love offering this to people in the middle of their busy days, to give them courage and strength.

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