• Seeking co-founders

    To join an exciting sleep start-up that already has clients in Belgium.

    Sleepability is on a mission to improve sleep with innovative tools and techniques. Sleep deprivation is an early indicator of burnout and one of the best preventions. We offer sleep training for corporates. We’re looking for (a) co-founder(s) to join the team. We have customers, we have huge potential, we/I need others to build an awesome product together.



    About Sleepability and the opportunity

    Sleepability offers sleep training programmes for corporates. Our approach is a mixture of tools and technology, online and offline engagement. It has been active for almost one year (we are not yet incorporated).


    In the last 10 months we have:

    • Been accepted into the KBC Startit community 
    • Developed a product
    • Learned about our customer and the market
    • Run our first pilot with Accenture
    • Won our second big client

    We are now creating Sleepability 2.0 and piloting it with a very exciting company in January.

    Read more about current co-founder - me, Dot Zacharias - and my vision below.

    Or contact me to find out more.

    Co-founder profiles

    Key information

    • Brussels based (I hope you would be too)
    • English is the main language (other languages are welcomed as long as English is ok for you)
    • Minimum requirement is 1 day per week during working hours

    Back-End Developer and/or Front-End Developer for mobile applications (iOS and Android)

    • Develop a mobile application MVP 
    • Lead on the build of the first product and future iterations
    • Manage freelance developers and interns
    • Identify current and future technical needs
    • Possibility to be involved in business development 

    Communications / content production

    • Write content for the product including website, mobile application, video scripts, blogs
    • Advise clients on internal communications around the Sleepability programme and create internal communications on their behalf
    • Possibility to take ownership of brand and identity
    • Manage freelance designers and content production
    • Ability to write in English and French or Dutch would be great


    • Coaching methodology design and development
    • Delivery of workshops
    • Personal sleep coaching (learn our methodology and develop it further)
    • Ideally with experience in or a passion for well-being and life coaching techniques

    If you do not fit the above profiles but think you could contribute to this start up in another way, I'm open to discussion.

  • Let's talk!

    Get in touch with a brief introduction to yourself.

  • When I say ‘we’ I mean ‘I’!

    I have been running this mostly on my own but that wasn’t the original plan at all. Collaboration is my usual way of working, but I’ve been so busy with the day to day (demand is strong) that I haven’t had a chance to really look for co-founders. I have a business background and my key strengths are strategy, business development, b2b sales, general management, operations.


    Seeing the buzz of other start-ups has given me the kick I need to build an awesome team around Sleepability. I realised that it is now business critical that I find a group of talented people to take this to the next stage.


    I set out to create a company that was exciting, profitable, scalable and had a positive impact. Sleep is essential to individual well-being and public health. We propose services to companies because I want to see a change in corporate culture. Leading large companies also recognise this change as business critical, with the rise of burnout and the difficulty attracting young talent.


    Check out my profile on LinkedIn - Dot Zacharias.

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