• Ready to sleep again?

    When you don't sleep well, life becomes very challenging. You know that you're not performing at your best.... you're being held back.


    It might seem hard to get your sleep back on track but let me tell you that sleep is very simple when you know how. As a sleep coach, I give you support and tools to sleep better now and for the rest of your life... don't miss out on one more good night's sleep! 

  • Hello, I'm dot!

    After 10 years of working for largely corporate companies, I qualified as an Integrative Adult Sleep Coach. As a former strategy consultant and serial entrepreneur, I understand the importance of performing at your best, and how hard it can be when you don't sleep.


    I have developed my methodology based on design thinking, brain rewiring, meditation and positive habits. Sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley is my mentor and advisor on sleep, ensuring my approach is founded on scientific evidence.


    As a sleep coach, I offer personal support to understand your own sleep needs. I help you optimise your circadian rhythm and provide techniques to help you re-establish a trusted relationship with sleep.


    Find out what you can achieve when you perform at your best! I coach in English and French, online and offline at my office in Brussels.

  • from €100 per month

    When you sign up for Sleep Coaching, you can choose how regularly you want to speak. We will normally speak once or twice per month and most people sleep better after 1-4 sessions.

    You will also receive a Sleepability Journal, Sleepability Audios and an SMS tracker.

  • let's talk

    Get in touch and receive your free Sleep Heat Map - our sleep self-diagnostic tool.

    Or read more about Sleep Coaching.

  • About Sleep Coaching

    Make sleep a priority for at least one month... and feel the results.

    Initial meeting or call

    Free and no-commitment

    During our first call we discuss whether coaching is the right fit for you. I work with people who do not have any known medical conditions that prevent them from sleeping. I want to make sure that I am the right person to help you before we begin. Book your free call now.

    Coaching sessions


    We can meet at Sleepability (Brussels) or via video call. Our meetings are conversational but very practical and focused on actions to help you sleep better.

    Sleep plan


    After the first hour we will identify 2-3 goals for you to focus on in the first 2 weeks. You will complete these goals every day and record your progress.

    Yoga Nidra Audio

    Immediate relaxation

    I've asked some of my favourite yoga Nidra teachers to provide bespoke audios for Sleepability only. Yoga Nidra is a very efficient way to fall asleep quickly and to learn how to sleep naturally again.

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