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  • Hello, I'm dot!

    I used to find it impossible to sleep well or even sit still. I became so exhausted that I realised something had to change. I've always been interested in health and psychology and became fascinated by sleep.


    After 10 years of working for largely corporate companies, I qualified as an Integrative Adult Sleep Coach and I'm training to become a Yoga Nidra teacher. As a former strategy consultant, I have created a structured programme for my clients to follow with lots of useful resources.


    I focus on creating healthy habits that will actually make a difference to your sleep. I support you to make these habits consistent and to make them stick.


    I coach in English and French.

  • Client reviews

    I’ve always struggled with sleeping and it’s only gotten worse in the last few months. The sleep coaching with Dot was wonderful. Having someone who asked the right questions, got me to identify my bad habits, for example, using a phone before bed, or being on a screen too late. It was helpful to look at how to deal with work anxiety and stress and change my approach to sleep by not worrying about it, but enjoying it. She’s professional, a fantastic listener and approaches problems thoughtfully and allows you to come up with solutions which work for your lifestyle. It was great to be able to talk candidly. I’ve slept much better since I had my coaching sessions. Highly recommended!!


    Alison Young, Dubai, UAE

  • About Sleep Month

    Make sleep a priority for one month and see the amazing results.

    Initial meeting or call

    Free and no-commitment

    During our first call we discuss whether coaching is the right fit for you. I work with people who do not have any known medical conditions that prevent them from sleeping. I want to make sure that I am the right person to help you before we begin. Book your free call now.

    Coaching sessions


    We can meet at Sleepability, at your place (if in Brussels) or via video call. I like to do one home visit, or virtual tour, so I can assess your sleep environment.

    Sleep plan


    After the first hour we will identify 2-3 goals for you to focus on in the first 2 weeks. You will complete these goals every day and record your progress.

    Yoga Nidra Audio

    Immediate relaxation

    I've asked some of my favourite yoga Nidra teachers to provide bespoke audios for Sleepability only. Yoga Nidra is a very efficient way to fall asleep quickly and to learn how to sleep naturally again.

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