• Sleep for companies

    Healthy sleep increases well-being, productivity, energy, and happiness. Whereas chronic sleep deprivation and insomnia are early indicators of burn-out.


    Sleep deprivation is costing developed economies 2% of GDP in lost productivity and poor health. Someone with sleeping problems is estimated to be 6 days less productive per year, but from the people we speak to, we think it's much, much more.


    Invest in your company's sleep for a healthy return.

  • Welcome to Sleepability

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    Programme Preview

    In this first video, Dot Zacharias explains how she came to be inspired to create Sleepability and the programme works. Book a demo below to find out more.

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    La nouvelle du jour : selon l’enquête réalisée par la start-up Sleepability, faire une sieste de 20 minutes par jour sur le lieu de travail augmenterait la productivité et contribuerait à prévenir le burn-out. Marie Claire



    "Le manque de sommeil est insidieux et a un impact très grave non seulement sur la rentabilité au travail, mais aussi sur la santé physique et mentale des employés, ainsi que sur leurs relations professionnelles et personnelles. " RTBF.be

  • OUR approach

    Organisational Diagnostic

    All employees are invited to complete a sleep diagnostic with personal results shared individually.


    In the Sleep Workshop we show people why sleep is important and give them a 20-minute power nap.


    A structured sleep coaching programme online including videos, emails, audios and our SMS sleep tracking tool.

    Individual Coaching

    Sleep is so personal and that's why we always recommend that people speak to a sleep coach.

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