• Sleep for companies

    Sleep Month increases energy, productivity and happiness in the work place.

    Your goal is to improve employee workplace satisfaction. Perhaps you want to increase employee retention or make your company a more attractive place to work. You most likely understand that healthy employees equal productive employees and therefore a healthy bottom line.


    Sleep Month was created with your goals in mind. Over one month, we teach people how to sleep well again. We can measure the impact of our sleep programmes on your goals.

    Benefits of sleep month:

    • Gamification
    • Expert content
    • Interactive activities
    • Online and offline 
    • Measurable impact

  • Sleepability clients include

    As featured in...

    La nouvelle du jour : selon l’enquête réalisée par la start-up Sleepability, faire une sieste de 20 minutes par jour sur le lieu de travail augmenterait la productivité et contribuerait à prévenir le burn-out. Marie Claire



    "Le manque de sommeil est insidieux et a un impact très grave non seulement sur la rentabilité au travail, mais aussi sur la santé physique et mentale des employés, ainsi que sur leurs relations professionnelles et personnelles. " RTBF.be

  • OUR approach

    A programme designed in partnership with top companies


    All employees are invited to complete a sleep diagnostic with personal results shared individually. Group results are used to select individuals for the next steps.


    The Sleep Workshop informs people about why we sleep, introduced Sleep Month and sets some first goals for Sleep Month.

    4-Weeks e-Coaching Programme

    A structured programme including online videos, exercises, resources and 10 hours of personal coaching every week to support the team's progress.

    Nap room

    The Nap Room with Yoga Nidra gives people a chance to experience an effective power nap in the office. Our sleep coaches are on site all week increasing visibility and engagement.

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