• Case studies of our work

    Sleep coaching, nap rooms and workshops to improve health and performance of teams.

    Sharify Hackathon


    Nap Room for hackers during 3-day Hackathon in Brussels organised by Sharify. The team that used the nap room the most won the hackathon!


    "I really think managing our sleep and energy helped our team to stay together, in sync, focused and creative. It helped us to win!"


    Hosted existing nap room to increase traction and impact. Take up was so strong that we had to extend the nap room.


    "I managed to fall asleep which I didn't expect. I feel much more relaxed than before, more rested. Now I can go back to my day with more energy"

    Ressources Perinaturelles

    Workshop for parents, introducing the importance of healthy adult sleep and Yoga Nidra as a tool.


    "Perfect way to nap when you are very busy but need the rest"


    Sleep Coaching and pop-up nap room in premium cowering space in Brussels. Measured an increase in well-being of 40%.


    "Amazing, really amazing, I didn't think of my problems" "Ca fait un bien fou"

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