• About us


    We believe in the importance of sleep to live a full and healthy life. Sleep is so often overlooked in our desire to do more in our days. But the thing is, without sleep you won't be able to achieve everything that you want to.


    When is the last time you paused and thought about how, and how much, you sleep? About how much of it feels under your control? Or about how making a few changes could make a huge difference?


    Here’s the bottom line: the quality and quantity of your sleep impact pretty much every aspect of your life.

    Sleep for companies

    Sleepability works with individuals and companies to improve health and well-being by improving sleep. For companies we offer a seamless experience managed end to end by Sleepability: The Sleep Month Challenge.


    We start with survey to understand the current sleep situation. We then run a workshop to kick-off your Sleep Month Challenge, e-learning and support from our sleep coaches. We give you a step-by-step guide to understanding your sleep, setting your goals and creating a positive context to help you achieve results.

  • Sleep Month Challenge - How does it work?

    Challenge your team to improve their sleep in 30 days with the best tools and personal support every step of the way.



    All employees are invited to complete a sleep diagnostic with personal results shared individually.



    In the Sleep Workshop we show people why sleep is important and give them a 20-minute power nap.



    A structured sleep coaching programme online including videos, emails, audios & Sleepability Journal.



    Sleep is so personal and that's why we always recommend that people speak to a sleep coach.



    Everyone who takes part is a winner in our eyes, but the biggest improver gets a little extra recognition!

  • The team

    Dot Zacharias

    Founder and Sleep Coach

    After 10 years of working for largely corporate companies such as Deloitte, she qualified to help train individuals on managing their sleep. She is passionate about helping people reach their best sleep and as a result achieve their best performance.


    In 2017, she decided to set out on her mission to build a platform that could deliver tailored sleep programs to companies and individuals.


    She is the Founder of Sleepability and the Head Coach. To find out more about Dot, you can visit her LinkedIn.

    Dr. Neil Stanley

    Sleep Expert

    Known to UK and International media as a Sleep Expert, Dr Neil Stanley is putting his nearly four decades of sleep research into Sleepability. After working alongside some of the best psychopharmacologists, ENT surgeons, psychologists, sociologist, circadian biologists in the sleep field he will now be involved in the development of Sleepability’s program.


    Dr Neil Stanley was the Director of Sleep research for over 12 years at the University of Surrey where he oversaw a 24 hour bed sleep laboratory for clinical trials. Since then, he has been dedicating his time to giving lectures on the benefits of good sleep to healthcare professionals, companies and members of the public. This includes many large corporations such as Shell, Pfizer, GE Healthcare, etc.


    If you want to find out more about Dr. Neil Stanley and how he sleeps, you can visit his website.

    Daniel Manteau

    Digital Marketing Intern

    Daniel Manteau is a Marketing student at Odisee University where he was a leading member of the Business Student Society vzw. Being committed to his ambition to start a company one day, he chose to complete his final year internship with Sleepability, to learn the ropes of marketing in a startup environment.


    Daniel grew up in Hong Kong, but is of French origin. His international background has exposed him to multiple cultures and ideas, which adds weight to his creativity. He is interested in digital marketing & advertising and is writing his thesis on bridging B2C and B2B marketing in a digital context. He has a personal interest in health and fitness.

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