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    Sleepability offers sleep consulting to companies to

    1) Increase productivity and well-being

    2) Prevent burnout and depression

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  • Sleepability team

    Dot Zacharias - Founder

    Dot has worked in many interested roles, including an advertising strategic planner, director of marketing for a start-up, a management consultant, a corporate social innovation manager and head of strategy for a large UK charitable foundation.


    Having grown her skills and experience working for others, in 2018 Dot decided it was time to go out alone and address a major problem close to her heart - exhaustion, stress and burnout. After doing some research, Dot discovered that this was more than a personal issue. Sleep deprivation is a very serious social problem, costing developing countries 2% of GDP.


    Dot has practiced yoga since the age of 20 and became increasingly interested in a restorative sleep meditation called Yoga Nidra. Her goal was to promote this practice to a much wider audience, in particular those who suffered from sleep deprivation. In 2018 Dot became a sleep coach.


    Dot leads the team with a passion to improve daily life for people through simple changes. She believes in win-win situations: businesses invest in the health of their employees to the benefit of individuals, families and the business' bottom line.


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    Kamini Desai

    Advisor on Yoga Nidra

    Kamini Desai is a leading expert and educator of Yoga Nidra and Director of Amrit Yoga Institute. For the last 25 years she has created unique body of teachings combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern psychology.


    Kamini teaches Yoga Nidra to individuals and companies all over the world. Corporate clients include Kellogg’s, KEDS, Sony, KPN Telecom and Mars Confectionary as well as the Department of Defense and the Internal Revenue Service of the Netherlands.


    Kamini is the author of several books including YOGA NIDRA: THE ART OF TRANSFORMATIONAL SLEEP.

    Liz Sutcliffe

    Strategic Advisor

    Liz Sutcliffe is a writer, yoga teacher and entrepreneur. Co-founder or Tripbod, a travel start-up, Liz provides expertise on content creation, yoga philosophy and building a brand.

    Chiara Moncada

    Strategic Advisor

    Expert in management of psychosocial risks in the workplace, Chiara provides advice on applying sleep coaching and yoga Nidra to the workplace to increase wellness and prevent burnout.

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