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Yes, I want to sleep!

Two in three people think that their company should support their employees to sleep better. What can companies do to support their employees?

Today is World Sleep Day and Sleepability shares the opinions of Belgian employees towards sleeping at work.

Our guided meditations at work increased employees productivity and well-being by 24%, but here are five simple ways that HR Managers and Team Managers can create a working environment that is more supportive of sleep.

  1. Communication curfews.It’s not only stressful to receive emails late at night but also to arrive at work with emails from your boss waiting for you already.
  2. Quiet room.It’s really important that there is a space in the office where people can go and lie down comfortably and not be disturbed. You don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives and sometimes we really need a proper break during the day. It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that is available to staff.
  3. Flexible hours.Some people are ‘owls’ and some people are ‘larks’. Today’s society favours the larks who arrive early at work and are productive during working hours. The Owls on the other hand get a bad reputation, whilst they are genetically designed to sleep and be productive at different times.
  4. Sleep coach.It’s useful to have a sleep coach on call in case any of your team show signals of sleep deprivation, temporary or long term. Fixing the problem early on can prevent a slippery slope towards physical or mental health problems.
  5. Coffee alternatives.Coffee is an addictive drug and has a terrible effect on our sleep patterns. Help your employees make better choices by offering them good alternatives, such as herbal tea or fresh fruit juices.


Could napping be the answer?

We found that 78% of people never take a nap at work, yet 54% of people would like to take a nap at work, and another 31% would maybe take a nap at work. Only 3% of people would mind their colleagues taking a 20 minute power nap.

A nap isn’t necessarily the solution for everyone, everyday but it’s a great way to create an environment that is more flexible towards different sleep needs.

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