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  • Sleep made simple

    Sleep has become so complicated. There is so much information in the media about how to sleep, often giving the same sleep tips and lists of how to fall asleep. Most people I speak to know how important their sleep is but they are not doing anything at all to improve it. When it gets really bad they turn to sleeping pills (which they want to come off).


    Sleep is fascinating and a biological imperative. For centuries humans have been interested in how to sleep better. We have learned so much in recent decades about how we sleep, thanks to science, but the level of advice on how to sleep has been reduced to impersonal and often irrelevant "sleep tips".


    Generic advice doesn't work


    Speaking to hundreds of sleep coaching clients, what I realised is that most people do not know what is having the biggest impact on their quality of sleep at night. Often it's just one or two things that they need to change to get back their quality of sleep. However it is very different from person to person, which is why giving out generic advice simply doesn't work. It feels like nagging, so we switch off and ignore.


    Guidance and lots of support


    That's why I have combined sleep research with a practical approach to changing habits and lifestyle, through coaching principles of changing habits and beliefs with guidance and lots of support. My programmes - individual coaching, our online course and sleep for companies - all help people discover for themselves the secret to their own amazing sleep, which gives them the access to good sleep for life.

  • Services

    We work with individuals and companies

    For individuals

    Sleepability Challenge + Coaching

    Transform your life and sleep well every night by talking to a sleep coach or signing up for our powerful 30-day sleep programme.

    For companies

    Sleepability Challenge + Workshops + Coaching

    We work with leading companies to improve the sleep, productivity and engagement of employees through interactive and engaging sleep programmes.

  • 30-day sleep challenge

    The Sleepability Challenge takes you on a step-by-step journey towards better sleep. The key to sleeping well is understanding your own sleep and having the right information, tools and support to make positive, long-lasting changes.

  • The foundation of wellness

    The most important thing you can do for your health is to sleep well (more important even than nutrition and exercise!)

    Physical health

    Body repair

    Good sleep repairs every cell, system and organ in your body overnight. Without good sleep we have an increased risk of every major physical disease...


    Brain reboot

    When you sleep well, you are better and learning new information and better at solving complex problems and puzzles.




    Mental health

    Mood enhancer

    After a bad night's sleep you will have a negativity bias and you will experience stronger emotional reactions to things around you.


  • Hi, I'm Dot

    I’m an Integrative Adult Sleep Coach and founder of Sleepability. I used to be someone who lied awake at night and dragged my feet to work every day, barely getting through the afternoon. But my life completely changed when I started to take care of my sleep.


    I pay attention to my own sleep daily and make sure that I stay on top of it. I love working with other people to help them improve their sleep and feel a dramatic change in their life.

  • We work with companies as well as individuals.


    "Sleepability is for me a unique experience. While sleeping should be simple, it is becoming difficult in our day. Speed ​​and stress push us to sacrifice our rest time, and sleep is the foundation of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


    These sessions allowed me to review my priorities, to make a better choice in my schedule to keep the basics: sleep. I really understood that it was a bad choice to decide to sacrifice it because our quality of life depends on it. I recommend everyone to take this training. Dot's tools, explanations and tips are life changing, a thousand thanks!"


    Marie-Laurence van den Berg

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