• Sleep soundly again

    You can fall asleep completely effortlessly and stay asleep until the morning. The truth is, sleep is very simple when you know a few basic principles. It takes some practice to get rid of old habits. You just need a few tips and techniques and friendly support along the way.

    Find your natural rhythm

    The most important thing for natural sleep is your circadian rhythm. Chances are you have disrupted your body clock with too much caffeine, too much screen time and too much stress!

    Creating healthy habits will give your body and mind the right cues to fall asleep and wake up, making it completely effortless.

    Prioritise your sleep

    If you find sleep an inconvenience that gets in the way of you doing things and achieving more, you're not alone. However, the fact is that you won't achieve all that you want to do unless you get healthy sleep. Your lack of sleep is most likely holding you back.

  • Virtual Sleep Coach

    Sleepability brings you the first virtual sleep coach. The programme is designed and tested to give you the right level of information when you need it. We don't tell you what to do, we lead you towards your own understanding, appreciation and optimal routine for better sleep for life.

    4 Week Programme

    Each week we introduce a new topic by email, with a video and tools for you to use. Each morning you will hear from us via SMS. We like to check in to see how you slept every day! This gives us and you a dynamic view of your progress. Tracking your habits and sleep daily for four weeks significantly increases your chances of reaching your goals.

    Human technology

    We have automated what we know works, to give you reliable, consistent support. However sometimes technology can't replace a human. Our sleep coaches are available to speak to you via video call, when you need a chat, some personal advice, guidance and support.

  • Companies we have worked with

    "Le manque de sommeil est insidieux et a un impact très grave non seulement sur la rentabilité au travail, mais aussi sur la santé physique et mentale des employés, ainsi que sur leurs relations professionnelles et personnelles. " RTBF.be

    Sleepability is backed by Startit @KBC

    La nouvelle du jour : selon l’enquête réalisée par la start-up Sleepability, faire une sieste de 20 minutes par jour sur le lieu de travail augmenterait la productivité et contribuerait à prévenir le burn-out. Marie Claire

  • "Thank you, it was so good! It is really necessary in our busy lives and I think everyone should do it. You don’t always notice your sleep is not good until you start to pay attention to it. My background is in clinical psychology so I did study a lot around sleep and its importance, but I haven't been paying enough attention to it myself and it’s so helpful to work through it together. I’ve learnt to prepare my mind, body and soul for a good night sleep and to really appreciate it".


    Amelie Matthei, Accenture

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